Just a tidbit of information that you may not have . My father, William E. Smith, Jr., was the finder of the grave stone of Lucindy Rollins. He found the stone while hunting ducks near the river.

In the early 1970's , we were looking around the area and he showed me where he found the marker stone and the current monument is, as I recall, fairly close to the spot it was found. It was on a slope,lying partially obscured by soil. It was the visibility of some of the inscription scratched onto the stone that caught his eye. He turned it over to the museum in Guernsey soon thereafter.

I was very interested in seeing the gravestone but the museum was closed on the one day we could be in Guernsey. We had visited the area because my parents had been married there and I was interested in seeing the little house there in town where I had been born in Jan, 1941. My Dad had been working at the Sunrise Iron Mine when WW2 broke out and when some young man got killed in the mine in April or May of '42, my Mom, Helen A. (Nafziger) Smith, put her foot down and we move to Southern Calif where my Dad's parents lived in Vista, Calif.

Prior to living in Guernsey, my Dad and his family lived on and operated the WBO Ranch near Yoder, where they raised cattle and did a little farming.

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